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Zach Jurewicz

Zach Jurewicz, of Wee-Kicks

I’ve always been someone who needs to create with my hands. I have a need to focus on details, while at the same time creating something complete: making something from start to finish. When I learned that people still made shoes by hand, and saw what a wonderful intersection between style and function this craft is, I was determined to become a shoemaker myself. I took a class in 2011, got the basics, and realized that there was even more to practice than I thought. Luckily, our kids were small then, and I could practice my sewing, inlay/overlay, and patterning by making little shoes for them. The little shoes were a bit and Wee-Kicks came into being!  As my children grew I’ve followed them in shoe sizes, and my shoe repertoire continues to expand!

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