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ABOUT the Guild

We are a group of local artists that work in a wide range of mediums including, but not limited to painting, glass work, photography, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, and handcrafted items such as soaps, candles, lotions.

Interested in Joining us?

The Guild is always interested in new members. Please read and consider the following membership requirements prior to submitting your application: 

  1. Members must live within 100 miles of the City of Bayfield.

  2. Art must be original and of professional quality.

  3. A jury of Membership Committee members will privately vote on submitted art using specific guidelines. Artists must submit at least five (5) pieces of art from each medium/category that they are applying to enter. Submitted art must be totally finished and ready for display. A price sheet should accompany the art. The Guild takes a percentage of all sales (25% for working members and 40% for non-working members). Working members are given preference.

  4. Working members are required to staff the gallery shop. Typically this is 12-15 shifts per year, but may be higher or lower based on the actual number of working members.  Opening, closing, and operating procedures are clearly defined, and working members are trained in through a day of job shadowing before they staff the gallery alone. Needed skills include basic computer literacy to operate the Shopkeep/Backoffice application on an iPad; ability to conduct sales, count money and give change; and capacity to perform moderate physical activities (climb a step stool, kneel, lift items, do basic cleaning, pack boxes, etc.). Working members are expected to attend the annual meeting and sign up for at least one committee.  

  5. Working members build or prepare their own display within the limits assigned by the Space Committee. Displays must meet the approval of the Board of Directors.

  6. All members must sign a contract with an “Exclusivity Clause” stating that they will not sell their work in any other stores in the city limits of Bayfield. Non-working members are accepted based on space availability and may attend the annual meeting. 

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