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Wei Lan Lorber

Wei Lan Lorber, Painter & Ceramic Artist

I was born and raised in Malaysia, came to Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin, and graduated with a Chemistry and Mathematics degree. After retiring as the Chemistry teacher for 26 years at Ashland High School, I wanted to apply my love and knowledge of chemistry into the world of the Arts by studying how to paint in watercolor. Since then I have been painting and giving painting workshops locally and internationally.
I have always wanted to study ceramic art since glaze chemistry is a vital component in ceramics. In 2018 I started to learn how to throw on a potter’s wheel so that I can incorporate my painting and designing skills onto the pottery pieces that I made.


Artist’s Statement
I have always been fascinated by the images produced with watercolor. I love how the free-flowing washes of pigments provide transparency and spontaneity in a painting. Painting has changed the way I observe my surroundings. I simply paint subjects that are interesting and beautiful. The opportunity of teaching has strengthened my commitment to exploring different approaches to painting while my personal style evolves as I grow as an artist. Through experimentation and practice, I have been painting watercolor on surfaces that are primed with gesso or cold press ground. I also incorporate various types of paper and fiber to create interesting textures as well as using masa paper to achieve a “batik” look. Another favorite technique is to paint with alcohol ink on yupo. Now when I paint, I choose the technique that will present my subject in the most interesting way to produce an image that gives me joy and my viewers the same pleasure. And now as a potter, I am using the same approach towards my ceramic art: Observe, Practice, and Experiment.

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