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Tonja Sell

Tonja Sell, Multi-Medium Artist

Tonja Vojacek Sell is a Wisconsin native and daughter of blown-glass artisans who operate the Oulu Glass Gallery. She attended the Milwaukee School of Art, where she studied fine arts, drawing, and illustration.

Tonja lives with her husband and children in the home, studio, gallery, & teaching studio they built together near Lake Superior.  She works in many different mediums; including oil, acrylic, watercolor, ceramic, glass, felt, and more. 

Tonja has been represented by galleries across the country and her work is in multiple private collections in the US and Internationally.  Locally, she has created murals for the Minnesota Discovery Center and the Carnegie Foundation at the Two Harbors Public Library.

Tonja teaches classes across the U.S. A, in her Studio in Oulu, WI and she and Matthew also lead International Art Tours to Spain, Italy & France, where students explore and create.


Instagram: tonja_sell
Facebook: tonjasellart

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