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Patti Carlson

Patti Carlson, of Lake Superior Jewelry

Art and creativity have always been my passion. As a child, I would make jewelry from rocks, beach glass, and driftwood that I would collect from the beaches along Lake Superior. Later growing up around machinists and mechanics, I became interested in all things metal. It was the old metals that sparked my interest. I really liked the designs imprinted on vintage pieces. Antique silverware and old serving tray metal as well as the colors found on old weathered copper were some of my favorites. I began repurposing these metals into jewelry.

My interest in art motivated me to study Art and Design in college. I attended the University of Wisconsin Superior so I could be close to the lake and continue to collect treasures that inspired me. 

Over the years, I never stopped collecting Lake Superior rocks, beach glass, and driftwood. I add them to many of my designs as well as various gemstones.

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