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Natalia Woodhull

Natalia Woodhull, Multi-Medium Artist

My art is heavily influenced by nature and is meant to be viewed in a way that reconnects people to the earth. I draw much of the symbolism in my work from the world around me and my indigenous heritage using plantlife and animals to convey my message. I mostly enjoy working with oil and acrylic paint and various forms of printmaking including linoleum block-printing, drypoint and copper plate etching. In May of 2021 I graduated from UW-Superior with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. It was in school that I fell in love with the process of printmaking. There is a catharsis especially in the linoleum block process – transferring the design, carving the image out of the block and sending it through the press to reveal the final image – that is really peaceful. 


My love for creating began early in life; I grew up in Poplar, Wisconsin between a cow field and 40 acres of woods which was the perfect place for an aspiring artist who loves nature and trees. Loving and caring for the environment is important to me as it was for my indigenous ancestors. I believe it is our duty as humans occupying the Earth to do what we can to take care of it. Using my art I hope to inspire in others the appreciation for nature that I carry within myself. 


In time as I grow as an artist I am hoping to make art in the most eco-friendly way possible. Recycling and making my own paper to print on, using previously-owned frames and clothing for my paintings and prints, and utilizing eco-friendly packing materials are on my list of aspirations.

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