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Michelle & Dave

The Fulweber’s

Dave and I were looking for a hobby we both enjoy and could do together. We took a pen-turning class and that is all it took.  Our love of discovering the beauty of wood as it is turned on a lathe has grown exponentially since that time. It is amazing to us the difference in grain, color, and texture from the same species of trees to all sorts of tree types even to exotic woods. 

We have expanded our wood pen turning to include bowls, platters, bottle stoppers, and vases. Not only have we expanded what we turn, but we have also added resin. The additional color creates a whole new level of unique, one-of-a-kind, pieces that cannot be replicated.  The resin and finishes used in our bowls and platters are food safe. We hope everyone enjoys the unique pieces as we did turning them.  

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