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Jonathan Walburg

Jonathan Walburg, Ceramic Artist

Lake Superior Pottery - J Pottery


I use beach sand from the South Shores of Lake Superior mixed into porcelain. This creates random black spots from the iron-rich sand. The local clay is also iron-rich and is mixed into the clay or glaze creating rich dark greens, reds, and browns.  I make traditional ash-glazes from local Maple and Oak trees. 

A piece of here on your table.
Flavor of the area.


Throughout my travels and studies in Japan and Korea, I collected pottery. Distinct pottery differs by region as geology changes.  Each pottery felt like I was taking a piece of that place home.

I loved this idea and wanted to share in this experience.


My techniques and methods are influenced by my apprenticeship at St. John’s Pottery in Minnesota (2004-06) under Richard Bresnahan, studies in Karatsu, Japan (2006-10) and in Ulsan, Korea (2010).  

These experiences nurtured a love of clay, the use of local materials, clay history, and wood-kilns. I create on a Japanese-style wooden kick wheel and processes local clays and ashes for pottery use just south of Bayfield in Washburn, WI. 


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