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Dorine Damm

Dorine Damm, Sculptor

My hand-sculpted porcelain clay figurines have their roots in my creative play as a child, in my study of mime and movement as a young adult, and in my daily practice of developing these characters over 20 years. I took a break from figurine-making while I worked as a counselor, but have recently returned to the artistic process. My current creative bursts are nurtured by the outdoors; our gardens, the forest where I live, the charm of bees, the singing of songbirds, the presence of humble toads all contribute to the creation of my clay characters.

Seeing a ball of clay come alive with form and personality is an ongoing delight I wish to share. These mostly gender-free bears and their many friends remind us of ourselves or our pals. They are busy dancing or sledding, gifting hearts or flowers to one another, waking from a cozy nap in rabbit slippers, or being surprised by a bird who decides to nest on their head. They will be happy to join you in small or large celebrations of your daily life, from bear-ware bowls* for breakfast, birthday candle holders for cakes, ornaments for any occasion, or as jewelry to travel along with you throughout our day. Commissions are welcome.

*pottery bowls are thrown by Bryan Johnson

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