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Ann Christensen

Ann Christensen of Blue View Studio

Living by the “Big Lake” with all of its beauty and variety, color and moods inspires me to create art that touches the heart. I hope to draw the viewer in so that they may have an encounter with nature and learn to love this special corner of Wisconsin.

My home is a one hundred year old red farmhouse sandwiched in between hay fields, apple trees, woods and our big organic garden. Every day offers ever-changing light and images to paint no matter the season. In the winter, painting still lives offers an exciting change of pace and new challenges. In the summer, painting “pleine aire” or open air, combines my love of the outdoors with the joy of creating.

Painting with pastels offers elements of surprise, fun and experimentation to the artistic process. Tiny crystals in pastel add luminosity and depth to a variety of different paper surfaces. Starting a painting with an unusual underpainting allows surprising colors to peek through, adding texture and dimensionality.

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